Early Learning Centers offer a parent and child education program to low and moderate-income families. This program is funded by the California State Department of Education and First 5 of San Luis Obispo County. The program is administered through the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education.

Mission, Vision & Philosophy


To promote student success by supporting the work of local school districts, delivering specialized student services, and providing countywide leadership and advocacy for the needs of all children.


San Luis Obispo County will be an educational community dedicated to preparing all children and youth for responsible citizenship, meaningful work, and lifelong learning.


The SLOCOE teaching staff of the Early Learning Centers believes that children learn best in a safe and nurturing environment. We support and encourage children to develop at their own pace. We provide developmentally appropriate social/emotional, language and literacy, math, creative and motor development activities that challenge and excite children. We encourage parents to become active participants in their child’s education. We recognize the unique culture and background of all families in our program and we are committed to building strong, supportive partnerships between the school and home environments.

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

The Early Learning Centers of San Luis Obispo County believe that play is the greatest avenue for learning in early education. The sense of wonder, discovery, curiosity, inventiveness and spontaneous energy of young children are sources from which a lifetime of learning should develop. The opportunity to participate in creative play is the highlight of the early years and our objective is to provide as many of these experiences as possible. All children, regardless of ability, ethnic background, race, religious beliefs, or family lifestyle are equal and are encouraged to participate in our non-discriminating environment where each child grows and learns.  

What Our Families are Saying

“This program has helped my son become social. He is learning a lot and talking more.”

“The teachers are very helpful and professional. I thank the program for my daughter’s educational advances. The program is amazing and I love that they really promote social skills.”

“The program provides structure and routine for my family and child.”

“The teachers are very dependable, loving, and understanding.”

“My son has learned to love books! He wants to read them in the car, at the park, and before bedtime.”

“The program has helped me understand how important the early years are.”

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