Our programs span from as far south as Nipomo all the way north to San Miguel. Children are served across San Luis Obispo County and each center follows the same philosophy.

​​The Early Learning Centers of San Luis Obispo County believe that play is the greatest avenue for learning in early education. The sense of wonder, discovery, curiosity, inventiveness and spontaneous energy of young children are sources from which a lifetime of learning should develop. The opportunity to participate in creative play is the highlight of the early years and our objective is to provide as many of these experiences as possible. All children, regardless of ability, ethnic background, race, religious beliefs, or family lifestyle are equal and are encouraged to participate in our non-discriminating environment. 

The Early Learning Centers teachers seek to create environments that inspire learning for children, parents, and for ourselves as we advance in our own professional growth as lifelong learners.  

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Dental and Vision Screenings

The focus of our program is to serve the whole child, meaning, their social and emotional well-being, their cognitive development, and their overall health and wellness. In order to do this, we offer dental and vision screenings with permission from the families enrolled in the program. Professionals within the dental and vision arena, visit each site on a scheduled date and complete the screenings. These services promote the development of each child enrolled in the program.

Parent Education

There are meetings that take place each month at each site. These meetings provide an opportunity for the partnerships of families and teachers to flourish. Additionally, these meetings provide an opportunity for parents to receive information to support the development of their children and connect with the teaching staff. The teaching staff also connects families with professionals from the community around topics such as nutrition, language and literacy, self-care, finances, car seat and safety information, and any other topics of interest.

Raising A Reader

The Raising A Reader program is a literacy program that is offered at all of the Early Learning Sites. The program fosters a love of books in young children. It also provides many opportunities for children to expand early language skills, vocabulary and print awareness. Raising A Reader’s offerings of red canvas book bags, all containing four multicultural, high-quality children’s books, encourage read-aloud time at home and an abundance of positive verbal interaction opportunities between parents and children.  

Parent Advisory Council

The Early Learning Center Parent Advisory Council (PAC) serves as an advisory body to the Early Learning Center Director. The advisory council meets on a quarterly basis and provides recommendations on a number of center matters including budget administration, fundraising, long-range planning, and policy development.

Food Programs

The Early Learning Centers offer the Child and Adult Care Food Program where each enrolled student enjoys a healthy snack at school each day. Children have the opportunity to try new foods and have access to a variety of nutritious snacks. For more information, please click on a link below: 

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement

Declaración de no discriminación del USDA

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